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About Simiyu Talent Company

Simiyu Talent company (STC) is a social and commecial organisation creates extraordinary experiences based on a series of high-impact moments.Our meticulous team is attentive to the smallest detail, ensuring that every event unfolds on time and within budget. Whether the event is domestic or international, our gifted designers can turn the blank canvas of any location into a fantasy Tanzania.

Simiyu Talent company was founded in 2017 by Zena T. Mchujuko, Mustapha A. Kimomwe, Stella A, Kalinga and Edgar Z, Mdemu the talented youth from the Rs-Simiyu. Been in Simiyu year we Understood the richness of the culture and the fact that the Simiyu upholds the life of the indigenous people of the region,the STC has since 2017 decided to use this company events as a platform to communicate some of the socio-economic development.

Having that, STC as an event management organization, we work with great diligence to convert any dream event into a reality, that too in the most seamless way possible. While working in tandem with the clients’ budgetary guidelines is one of our Unique Selling Point ( USPs), we also ensure timeliness in all our endeavors. What’s more is that our in-house fabrication unit helps us offer more than just a comprehensive solution for all the activities that we undertake budget. Whether the event is domestic or international, our gifted designers can turn the blank canvas of any location into a fantasy world. Our production team is sensitive listeners, uniquely responsive to corporate needs.Together, working in partnership with our clients and vendors, we create events that forge unforgettable connections between guests and their host


To create, market and present a challenging and distinctive screening program, accompanied by a substantial forum program, which profiles and explores key program themes and approaches to screen practice.


To provide innovative and professional marketing and event management services with a focus on quality and detail. We aim to represent the best interests of the client by providing sound advisement while keeping a focus on creative and innovative ways to accomplish each goal set forth.


At STC our core values are more than words on a page; they define how we serve our clients, the fans and our venue partners. It’s the hallmark of how we do business and how we treat each other. It’s what defines our company and helps make us successful. Our core values include:

Integrity – We do what we say we do and are transparent and honest with the key stakeholders we serve, including our customers and team members.

Teamwork – We seek to understand how we can best support each other and make choices that put team before individual performance.

Accountability – We hold ourselves accountable for our actions in support of our mission.

Respect – We treat each other as individuals whose value in our organization goes beyond position, title and level.

Fun – The guests we serve know we love what we do, and the more fun we have the more fun they have as well..

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